About Us

Founded in 2013 Peregrine Ophthalmic Pte Ltd is a privately-held company based in Singapore.

Our Vision

To deliver new solutions for the successful management of intraorbital and periobital eye diseases and conditions.

Our Strategy

Combining 50 years of experience in materials science and technology with our in-depth expertise of ophthalmology to develop proprietary formulation and platforms for ophthalmic therapy.

Our Products

Our flagship product is liposomal latanoprost, Lipolat, the first nanomedicine product in ophthalmology. It is a licensed technology from the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Nanyang Technological University. Liposomal latanoprost is a sustained release product of Latanoprost initially developed for the medical treatment of glaucoma. A single dose of liposomal latanoprost has been shown to maintain a consistent and clinically significant IOP lowering effect over several months. Liposomal latanoprost is easily delivered in the clinic by the ophthalmologist, and is extremely well tolerated by patients. Peregrine Ophthalmic has completed a Phase 2 multi-centre clinical trials in the US.

A new indication for Lipolat is the non-surgical treatment of steatoblepharon (eyebags) and unwanted orbital fat. A clinical trial for eyebags is currently underway.